Monday    6th -  Practise with Pro tuition on all guns

Trip Itinerary

April 2020 Kentucky Trip


Kentucky Trip - £995 

6 Day Trip

Included : Matches with trophies, all match ammunition along with enough for both training & themed shoots:

9mm          x 1500

223            x 500

12g bird    x 50

12g slug    x 10

38sp          x 30

45acp        x 30

380a         x 12

44mag      x 12

762x39     x 20

308           x 20

Additional ammunition is available at  9mm/ 20c   &  223 /30c 


Local accommodation in Madisonville, Kentucky from £350 a week.

Cheap sub £400 Chicago flights (then 4 hour drive)

Nashville is about £500 & an hour drive.

You will need a UK FAC & a pass in either UKPSA shotgun or NRA shotgun safety course. 



Tuesday    7th - Pistol calibre carbine(pcc) match x 5 stages

Wednesday 8th - Rifle match

Thursday   9th - Pistol match all day

Saturday   11th - State Pistol match

Friday       10th - 3 gun match

In addition to the 5 above matches you will shoot steel challenge & themed stages fun side shoots like WW2 / Police/Zombie.