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Richard Kiddle
Jan 31, 2019
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Hello everyone! and welcome to the new AST site. Not only has the AST site received a facelift but we've also implemented a few more features: User Accounts - having user accounts was a major priority moving AST forward so shooters can easily access order history etc. for a more secure and structured site. Your account gives you access to all the site features so you can purchase items in the store and recieve notifications in the forum! The Forum (obviously) - This has been added to give shooters an official space to chat about AST. We agreed that it would be a good feature to add if any new shooters had some queries or concerns over trips which everyone can help address. The Store - To make the lives of shooters and ourselves easier we've implemented a Store onto the site so you're able to click and buy your place onto a trip (no more forms thank god!). We intend to be adding a lot more to the store in future like clothing and accessories etc. Looking forward into the next few weeks to a month the Locations area will be getting some improvements with new promotional videos that give you all a better understanding on what’s on offer. The site hasn't been in development for long and is still under construction so bear with us if you're experiencing technical difficulties! European Trips & Mobile site is in the works! Due March 2019 Many thanks Rich Kiddle Site Admin

Richard Kiddle

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