Trip Dates: April 6th - 11th 2020


2x Payments are required to fufill the over all £995 shoot package (with £20 Deposit)


Flights & Accommodation are not included but we are more than happy to assist with suggested airports & motels, along with reliable car hire firms.


This next trip will feature a massive selection of fullauto machineguns from WW1 Bar , through WW2 Thompson, Grease gun,Soviet AK's & belt fed variations , moving up through HK's & mini Uzi's
Also rifles which were limited in Utah - In Kentucky any thing goes !
Fal's.M14's,G3's,M1 Garands & M1 Carbines.
Handguns are from hide out 380a to 44mag & beyond.
Daily themed shoot outs , Western , WW2,Police & night Zombie.
The range has good bays & natural terrain with a large covered firing point so rain or shine we can shoot.
Shoot package is £995 & includes 1500 assorted rounds all gun use,range time,targets, mini matches both day & night.

PLEASE NOTE: The deposit is non-refundable but you can transfer it to a friend or another trip.


The overall fee for the Kentucky Trip £995 is due by: January 1st 2020

Kentucky 2020 Trip Payment

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